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  1. hello new member Where do you from? regards red
  2. link to youtube video fixed :D thx for the nice welcome :P regards red
  3. hello @ all member especial to kogami and remi for her awesome project. Unfortunalty all on this page is in france but fortunalty it gives google translator. My modding history in the last year. -Mod SNES with deactive Lockout, 50/60hz mod,led and akuma signs -Built also a SNES USB controller with internal 1gb memory and usb extension. -redesign Secret of Mana 2 Manual and translation to german -redesign (with template from kogami) the box art from SOM2 -add 4 further pages with credits to my manual of som2 PUORo5BOQRE My current project ist redesign and translation of Chrono Trigger Manual and Box Art. Built the cart from Chrono trigger with german translation patch. I say hello again and expect a lot of fun in this great forum. regards red
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