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  1. Show us your work http://www.ultimate-consoles.fr/forum/200-vos-r%C3%A9alisations/ :D
  2. Too bad, those are of very bad quality.
  3. Take my mon.... nope. $300 :blink:
  4. You have Final Fantasy for MSX :eek: I don't know how many FF I have, maybe around 120 versions, you have better material than I have.
  5. Thanks. It's an artwork of the 360 game.
  6. This adapter only works with a few games, it's not worth the time you spend making it. You just have to connect the same address and data pins. Info about the pins (and the info I used to make this): http://www.smspower.org/maxim/Documents/Pinouts On my adaptor the pad's don't work, but in youtube there's a video of a guy playing a game with an adaptor on the expansion port of Master System. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYrUTOe2Sxg It's strange, because on the Master System II it don't work "Software Error" after the sega logo, and in the Master System Converter on the Megadrive, it works but with no controls
  7. :mrgreen: I still have to think what will be Vol.3 ;)
  8. Nope, but the compilation do not have to exceed of 4Megas.
  9. Was my fault, cable wrong conected, now it's working :-) Vol.2 done :mrgreen:
  10. For info purposes. Golden Axe Compilation Golden Axe I 512k -> 1 Mo Golden Axe II 512K-> 1Mo Golden Axe IIII 1Mo Same sizes and order as Shinobi, but this time only Golden Axe III works :shock:
  11. Joe and Mac 1024KB Double Dragon 512KB It's ok for me that both games works with a single reset ;) (I'll post pics of the cover later, in my post about reproductions :D)
  12. No matter how you solder the capacitor isn't it ? they don't have right or left ;) I tried another multi-game (Caveman Ninja and Double Dragon). This is what I did and what I get, for info purposes :D Selected 4x1mb, 1st game Caveman Ninja, 2nd game Double Dragon, 3th game Caveman Ninja, 4th game Double Dragon. I wanted to change the game for every reset. After mounting it, cartridge in megadrive Double Dragon, first reset Caveman Ninja, after that all resets makes black screen.
  13. FFantasy6

    UNIBIOS 3.0

    I'm interested too :)
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