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  1. http://www.filesplitter.org/ Fonte:http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/star-ocean-translated-cart/
  2. be welcome I hope you get done the master of cartmod system here has more topic that never took a look because you do not have to do even interrese
  3. thank you I tested here and saw that he shared the rom 2 part as I wanted now I tests and see if it works recorder the 2 parts in 2 eprom M27C160 in GQ-4X at least I know that the software program converts the rom to bin I thought I had to use some program like Bankswap or SNES rom utility to make the division of the Rom.
  4. Would put the download of the program I have this one more did not think the split option does not know is the version you use is up to date or I do not know which program chooses option I saw that the snes tool and Ucon 64 have this more option to use both the snes tool only divide 1-12 mbit and UCON 64 to try to divide the rom it here on my pc only plays the part 01 and I expected and nothing in Part 2 of the divided rom. If you can make a tutorial of how to divide I would be forever grateful
  5. Hello everyone I to to purchase the ADP 054 16 mbit for my GQ-4X recorder and wanted to know how I do to divide the rom snes that is the size of 4 mb (32Mbit) for me to write in 2 eprom FDIP brand ST M27C160 16 Mbit? My desire is to Chrno Triguer Portugues Brazil I've ever done with 4 eprom M27C801-100f with co ci 74ls139 a snes board with 2 slot hirom
  6. http://romhacking.ru/news/source_code_multimenu_1_0/2012-12-14-1964 http://www.doperoms.com/roms/super_nintendo_snes/Super%25207-in-1%2520%255Bp1%255D.zip.html/520709/Super%207-in-1%20[p1].zip.html Les différents rom 4 par 1,5 par 1,6 par 1 et va jusqu'à 11 en 1 http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Super_NES_Programming http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Super_NES_Programming/DMA_tutorial Bonjour à tous, je suis du Brésil et a constaté que le menu dans un forum russe et je sais que les jeux snes se fait dans la bibliothèque d'assemblage pouvaient et voulaient demander de l'aide pour le compiler avec les jeux que je ai aussi trouvé quelques rom 7 en 1 entre autres plus pour sélectionner le seul émulateur sélectionne toujours le même jeu? http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/395/
  7. welcome to the forum I like the mame here and have some future project to make my arcade
  8. Welcome friend I wanted to know how the guy did the solar pier and converted to a Mega Drive 64-BIT EPROM thus being the biggest game already made for that console Sega Super Nintendo RPG also has a 64 mbit the Tengai Makyo zero (Far East Of Eden) and my friend has this game in original box and in the beginning he did not know anything about the game after pequisou the net he saw the rarity that is in hand
  9. Well sorry if it is in violation of some rule or if I'm not in the correct section of the forum I wanted to share with friends PCBs my friend Claudio Henrique of Brazil that made PCBs from the Megadrive before it was only for him and today he sells the cartridge the mega drive with the recorder set at some international website designing it in this page's http://alvanista.com/tag/pcb-genesis when I see his project gave me more initiative to do the same Program Eagle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB1aAbR_eSw
  10. Welcome megadrive too short and I will soon start cartmod the cartridge mega drive and master syster I see what to do from scratch a Desso just need the eprom M27C322 and a capacitor and the design to make one from scratch
  11. Welcome friend as I'm from Brazil always wanted to play the snes rpg translated into Portuguese of Brazil and down a lot in my language translation http://www.romhackers.org/modules/news/ this site it has plenty of tools to translation of several rom and iso console.
  12. Welcome friend'm also a collector of retron console like snes and mega and came here in order to enhances the art of cartmod
  13. Well I'll put in Ingles to see if the translation from English to Portuguese Brazil instead of France is best entedimento of all let's see if the tip of the Forum Administrator help fix the error Google translator. Thank you for welcoming me so I feel at home the only goal is to acquire knowledge and wisdom is possible to transmit the same to the other members in a given matter.
  14. Eh bien, laissez-moi vous présenter correctement je suis du Brésil et je perdais le sujet de la présentation des autres menbro je appelle Arthur mon surnom serait Deltablade et je suis 29 et possède un blog sur Mugen et émulation http://deltablademugen.blogspot.com.br / et je vouloir faire la SNES et Megadrive Cartmod console changé EPROM et veulent aussi comprendre le diagramme pour faire des PCB pour la SNES cartouche zéro et photo de profil je essayé de Flashcart les Sd2snes je l'ai vu ce site et utilisé le programme kicad je trouve le meilleur à ce jour en raison de l'affichage 3D est alors si je présente mes excuses à la modération en raison de mon manque d'attention ne parle pas français et je suis en train de communiquer om le traducteur google
  15. Montrez votre collection de billes espoir qu'un jour je dois tout article de collection, donc je suis ici pour une SNES et Megadrive et quelques jeux pour passer le temps le reste du jeu sur ma console Xbox 360 et PC émulateur
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