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  1. I personally love Catherine. Mine's:
  2. Sorry, I missed your post. I wrote WinHex, not WindHex... http://www.x-ways.net/winhex/
  3. Time for the "new" generation.
  4. P2 better in a 27C322, it's 16bit I think.
  5. P on MS4 are crypted. The S file is generated by C decrypting. There not any flashrom 64mbit with 8bit bus... I think.
  6. The name of your files isn't correct. May you need .bin
  7. Well, I splitted the v to 4x32mbit. And I did a bat file...
  8. I have W7x64 too and it worked on my computer. But I have to disable the antivirus.
  9. For MS4 yes, it exists... For MS5 you can decrypt it by yourself http://neosource.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?topic=241.75
  10. No, these chips are the decrypters for maskroms. If you have a fully decrypted set you don't need them.
  11. Original maskroms are crypted, you cannot solder them in another PCB than its own PCB. You can use kof97 for all three games.
  12. A good present from a good friend
  13. It has status led and link port.
  14. Finally I can play Discworld on my Psx...
  15. I bought it in the official auction here in spain. But all this time has been in my parents house... waiting for me XD finally I got it yesterday. I paid 750 euro as I remember.
  16. Pin6 is most probably the SCEx point. You only need to send the SCEx signal to the bios in order to boot a backup (in FAT PSX). But if you don't put other wires, the SCEx signal is always present (it never stop) and games could detect it (it is a bad idea from the electronic point of view as well).
  17. I recently got this. Now in its place!
  18. Sorry, better in english... I'm playing Ocarina because I have Majora's Mask too, and I've never played MM before. Once I finish both games I'll play ALBW. I heard that ALBW is the "second" part of ALTP, isn't it?
  19. Le code ne fonctionnera pas sur 12F675 12C508. Je me souviens OneChip fonctionne pas, même dans 12f508.
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