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  1. Why do you have soooooooo many consoles :shock:
  2. NES-I/O is online :) https://github.com/borti4938/NESRGB-IGR/tree/master/NES-IO But I still have to write a short read me with a list of components as well as an installation manual in English :/
  3. There is no doubt that the SNS-1Chip-03 exists. I just want to see if the PAL-counterpart exist. too. I never seen that and never read about the existence. However, if it still exist, what's the difference to the previous version ;) Just as a side note: so far I haven't found a difference between SNSP-1Chip-01 and -02 board layouts: scans of the boards can be found here
  4. Very impressive collection here ;) Well done :D
  5. My last buying was a simple SNES with the serial number UP18288338. The only reason for that was the hope to find a SNSP-1Chip-03 board inside, although I pretty sure that it does not exist. Of course, there was a SNSP-1Chip-02 installed :( Maybe there is anyone here, who has a serial number (PAL only) higher than the mentioned one? :shock:
  6. Thanks again for the warm welcome Upps - that reminds me to upload the design on GitHub ;) I just have to write some kind of a BOM for the design. Rest is finished. :) Just watch out what happens during the next few days on my GitHub. I will manage that these days... It's finished :) I only wait for the CPLDs (unfortunately obsolete and not produced anymore by manufacturer) arriving from China. I will produce 49 Ultra16 - not more to keep this Ultra16 something special ;). I promised that to d4s a few weeks ago! However, other than d4s, I will split the 49 in three batches. First batch: I prepared a request form with question to see, if someone knows, what makes the U16 special ;) On that I want to decide who will get an Ultra16 Second batch: First come, first served principle Third batch: I don't know yet I hope that I can promote the Ultra16 here too :) Maybe in a few years I will do something like Ultra16-ligth. But I don't know it yet
  7. Wow :shock: This console looks amaizing. So far, I don't have a Gamecube but I have to think about finding and buying one of those :mrgreen:
  8. Merci pour l'accueil chaleureux :) Thank you for the warm welcome :) Vielen Dank für den warmen Empfang :D
  9. Hi there :) My name is Peter and I'm from Wismar in Germany... Unfortunately, I cannot speak French, so I will write my posts entirely in English. The google translator will help me to read other post. I hope that this will be fine with most of you ;) However, I registered here because FFVIMan sometimes linked me to that page to this forum here while discussing some SNES stuff ;) My biggest personal interest lies in the SNES hardware. I hope to read some interesting stuff here and discuss with you along some hardware modifications. My biggest project was developing the uIGR for the SNES and design a easy to install PCB for the SuperCIC, uIGR and a region patching. The picture shows one of that PCBs installed in a 1Chip-SFC :) Among some other projects - most of them can be grab from my GitHub repositpory - my latest and so far also my greatest project is currently the reverse engineering of the strongly limited Ultra16 made by d4s. However, I hope to have some interesting discussions with you :) Best Regards, Peter
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