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  1. It's a shame, it would be a help and so much your menu, thank you very much. :D
  2. Que pena, O seu menu junto com o que eu tenho que dar uniria uma pena.
  3. GQ 4x Uses adp to 27c322 without even a change in settings
  4. I have this complete Japanese menu I think could help you finish your ??
  5. I long ago found this menu to 2 years on youtube, unintentionally found this forum, lucky me the adm have done it, I wonder if it can release editable source files of the project?
  6. I'm studying this by trying to put together a working menu that links to the rom in a CPLD.
  7. Could you make editable source files available? I would like to study them. ;)
  8. Would not it be better to buy a programmer that does what it presises? ;)
  9. Your carnal Arcade Master? I found one that is testing the menu very similarly, could make available the sources to study them? https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=gV972NBEyiU ---------------------------------------------------------------------- https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=DNsK62xRW6s
  10. Good Morning!! I'm studying CARTMOD and I have my multi-game cranks that I make myself, I would love for a menu !!! I found this interesting, I would like to understand, information on this subject friends?
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