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im trying to make a copy of label kof 2000 english. help!!

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from an insert i found on google, im trying to made a copy of the label cartridge of the game king of fighters 2000 us aes. its my first time i try to do something like that. i have been using the paint but there are some parts that i have not idea how can i do. my job is easy, copy and paste many parts of the insert to create the label. but i dont know how can i put the letters because when i do that, the finish job is very bad.

i put some pictures.


first i put from the original cartridge. you will see how is the version.






now my job.

here is where i dont know what to do.



and now, thats happen when i try to do something that i have not idea to do.




someone could finish this much more better than me?

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