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  1. I'm going to create a new post with my question so as not to mix it up with the presentations post. This makes it easier for someone to contribute and then for a moderator to move to the correct section.
  2. Excuse my lack of experience, I couldn't find this "mes réalisations" section. At first I wanted to share my experiences with changing the memory of a Japanese Yoshi's Island cartridge, for another one with a ROM translated to PT-BR. Despite the game being functional today, I wanted to exchange experiences for a possible improvement. What would be the best section to make this post?
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Maxwell, I'm 38 years old, Brazilian, I'm a Systems Analyst and Electronics Technician, but I don't practice the latter, using the knowledge just as a hobby. I have a passion for Basketball and old video games, especially the Super Nintendo, the console from my childhood. I already have some experience in snes cartmod and I wrote myself in the forum to be able to contribute to the community and acquire new knowledge.
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