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The smallest NES controller ever

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A few months ago, [Ben] saw a video of the world‚??s largest NES controller. ‚??I bet I could make the smallest,‚?Ě he thought in a strange game of one-upmanship. Now [Ben] has the smallest fully functional NES compatible controller, a feat of engineering that can only end in very, very sore thumbs.
The old NES controller is a very simple device: eight buttons are connected directly to a 4021 shift register. Every time the NES is looking for a change in input, it reads out the data in the shift register and gets the status of all the buttons.
After finding the smallest footprint 4021 shift register he thought he could solder, [Ben] found some very small SMD push buttons and a very tiny resistor network for the pull ups. The result is tiny, and thanks to the sacrifices of a few NES controller extension cables he found on Amazon, 100% compatible with his old NES.
You can grab all the schematics over on [Ben]‚??s git. Tip ‚??o the hat to [Troy] for sending this one in.
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Pas évident la prise en main de ce mini pad!

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pas faux !!!

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pour ceux qui ont des mains de b√Ľcherons, passez votre chemin

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mieux que l'apple watch? probable


y a qq chose de similaire comme montre game boy color mais avec des problemes de resolution

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