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[FAKE] Leaks des clefs privées de la WII-U

C'est par le site : que l'on apprend que les clées privées de la WII-U ont été leaker par Foxconn .

voila la news original :

Electronics manufacturer Foxconn has mistakenly placed the private keys and other design related documents for the Nintendo Wii-U on the public portion of their FTP server that they use for hosting drivers and software. The mistake was noticed by an engineer early Wednesday, but not before the documents had been downloaded more than a dozen times. Foxconn is primarily an original design manufacturer, and its clients include major American, European and Japanese electronics and information technology companies. Notable products which the company manufactures include the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The Wii-U is Nintendo's next generation console set to supersede the 2006 Nintendo Wii. Nintendo has been ramping up production for the October release date with over 1 million units having been already produced. This is another blow to Foxconn's tarnished reputation that has been plagued in recent years by reports of employee suicides and specification leaks for the iPad2 while the unit was still in production. Attempts to seek comment from Foxconn's public relations department went unanswered.
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