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Pour ceux qui (veulent) tâte(r) de l'ASM

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Ah ce bon vieux WLA ^^
J'avais compilé une version pour mon mac (car je l'utilise mixé avec SDCC), et en vérifiant c'est un 9.5...tant pis.
En précision (pour ceux qui ne connaitraient pas) WLA supporte pas mal d'ASM :

  • 6502 (NES, etc.)
  • 65C02 (VIC-20, etc.)
  • 6510 (C64, etc.)
  • 65816 (SNES, etc.)
  • GB-Z80 (Game Boy)
  • HuC6280 (PC-Engine)
  • SPC-700 (SNES sound chip)
  • Z80 (GG, SMS, MSX, Spectrum, Ti86, etc.)

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Mise à jour de wla-dx en 9.8a
pour info, il y a des changements assez intéressants :
v9.8 (22-Nov-2018) 
    [ALL]   Deprecated section's size giving inside section's
            name string. (REMOVE WARNING WHEN RELEASING v9.8!)
    [ALL]   When allocating a new unknown reference, we'll set
            its base to 0 instead of not initializing base at all.
    [ALL]   When inserting padding to a section (for example
            for an unsolved 8-bit reference) we now set the padding
            to be $CD instead of letting it be uninitialized.
    [ALL]   References from bank header sections are now found
            when we discard unreferenced sections.
    [ALL]   Fix buffer overflow for \xXX strings.
    [ALL]   Fixed a possible crash bug when printing opcodes
            in DEBUG executable.
    [ALL]   Allow .BACKGROUND file to be smaller than the
            output ROM.

    [ALL]   Fixed a couple possible buffer overflows.
    [ALL]   Macros rounded all floating point arguments to
            integers - not any more.
    [ALL]   Added support for "string".length.
    [ALL]   The documentation is now ReadTheDocs.org compatible.
    [ALL]   Running the assembler/linker without arguments shows
            now also the version's date.
    [ALL]   Added -A to WLALINK - Add address-to-line mapping
            data to WLA symbol file.
    [GB ]   Added support for .VERSION (Mask ROM version number).
    [GB ]   Fixed the handling of RAMSIZE inside of .GBHEADER.
    [GB ]   New licensee code is set to $0000 if old licensee
            code is used.
    [GB ]   Added VERSION ($014C) to .GBHEADER.
    [GB ]   Added the following mnemonic aliases:
            - LDH A,© --> LD A,($FF00+C)
            - LDH ©,A --> LD ($FF00+C),A
    [658]   Added support for .EXHIROM.
    [658]   MVN and MVP had source and destination in wrong
            order in the output binary.

v9.7 (17-Apr-2018) 
    [ALL]   We now use CMake instead of plain Makefiles.
    [ALL]   Added INSTANCEOF support to .STRUCT.
    [ALL]   Removed DEBUG opcode from GB-Z80.
    [ALL]   WLALINK now reserves the bytes the checksummer use
            if WLA is used to calculate a checksum.

    [ALL]   Added ALIGN to .RAMSECTIONs.
    [ALL]  .RANSECTIONs now use the BANK when placing sections.
    [ALL]  .BLOCK needs to be now terminated with .ENDB.
    [ALL]   Fixed some typos in error messages.
    [ALL]   Added a directory called "bug_exhibition" for
            bug reports.
    [ALL]   When parsing "\1.w" the parser now associates the
            ".w" part with the "\1" part.
    [ALL]   Recursive macro calls with recursive argument
            references should work now.

    [ALL]   .ASC can now map also byte data.
    [ALL]   Rewrote the macro argument expander.
    [ALL]   Fixed .INCDIR/.INCBIN cache bug.

    [ALL]   Added support for -I [include directory].
    [ALL]   Added ASCII commands to strings.
    [ALL]   Added support for local labels with @ prefix.
    [ALL]   "historical" contains now old. depcerated files.
    [ALL]   Updated WLA/WLALINK argument parser.
    [ALL]   Sphnix is now used to generate the documents.
    [ALL]   Various bug, crash and error message fixes.
    [ALL]   Labels can now be 255 characters long instead of 63.
    [ALL]   Various fixes to negative range for 8-bit two's
    [ALL]   Power operator supports fractional values.
    [ALL]   Expressions are allowed to be outside 16bit range.
    [ALL]   Added support for _sizeof_[label]    automatic
            definitions to WLALINK, these measure the distance
            between two consecutive labels in bytes.
    [ALL]   Unreferenced section discarding now handles also
            RAM sections.
    [ALL]   It's possible to append to a section using APPENDTO.
    [ALL]   .IFDEFs can be used in .ENUMs and .RAMSECTIONs.
    [ALL]   .BASE is now universal, not just 65816 specific.
    [ALL]   Speeded up label handling in WLALINK.
    [Z80]   Added .SMSHEADER.
    [Z80]   Added support for "SUB IXH" and "SUB IXL", and
            kept the old aliases "SUB A, IXH" and "SUB A, IXL".
    [Z80]   Fixed .SDSCTAG parsing.
    [658]   Added support for .DL.
    [GB ]   Added support for .COUNTRYCODE.
    [GB ]   Added support for .GBHEADER.
    [GB ]   NO$GMB symbol files are now BGB (emulator)
    [GB ]   Added support for .NINTENDOLOGO.
    [GB ]   Added DESTINATIONCODE as an alias for
    [GB ]   Added support for .ROMGBCONLY.




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