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My last buying was a simple SNES with the serial number UP18288338. The only reason for that was the hope to find a SNSP-1Chip-03 board inside, although I pretty sure that it does not exist. Of course, there was a SNSP-1Chip-02 installed :(

Maybe there is anyone here, who has a serial number (PAL only) higher than the mentioned one? :shock:

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There is no doubt that the SNS-1Chip-03 exists. I just want to see if the PAL-counterpart exist. too. I never seen that and never read about the existence. However, if it still exist, what's the difference to the previous version ;)

Just as a side note: so far I haven't found a difference between SNSP-1Chip-01 and -02 board layouts: scans of the boards can be found here

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